10 Celebrities who had Crappy Odd Jobs before becoming Famous

10 Celebrities who had Crappy Odd Jobs before becoming Famous

10 Celebrities who had crappy jobs before becoming famous
So when you look at celebrities, you can’t help but feel like they’ve got the world in the midst of their hands and that they probably don’t work hard enough to deserve such luxuries. However, what you probably don’t realize is that they’re people like you and me. Sometimes a lot of us lose sight of that and forget that at one point in their lives, they were celebrities, The were average joes working mundane jobs like us. So remember. Just because you’re working a dead end job doesn’t mean you should stop working towards your dreams. These celebrities are living proof and believe me, all of their jobs are either boring and mundane or just downright terrible. Here’s 10 Celebrities Who Had Awful Jobs Before Reaching Stardom

1. Brad Pitt Limo Driver
Starting off this list, We have one of the biggest A-Listers in hollywood Brad Pitt. Before starring in such films as True Romance, Interview with a Vampire and cool world just to name a few films from early in his career, The famed Missouri native struggled to make ends meet when he first came to Los Angeles. So like pretty much every celebrity who’s trying to catch their big break, He took up a job. The job he took up was that of a limo driver for bachelor parties. According to Pitt: “My job was to drive them to bachelor parties and things,” Brad Pitt said about the strippers. “I’d pick them up, and at the gig I’d collect the money, play the bad Prince tapes and catch the girls’ clothes. It was not a wholesome atmosphere, and it got very depressing.”
As bad as it sounds though, He does have his limo gig to thank for his status today as Pitt said one of the girls introduced him to the acting teacher who helped him become the successful

2. Johnny Depp – Phone Salesman for Pens
Could you imagine getting a phone call at around 5pm while having your dinner and all you hear on the other side of the phone is Captain Jack Sparrow trying to sell you a bunch of pens? Well for all you know, you might very well have received that phone call years ago without even knowing. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star actually came to Hollywood to become a musician. His band The Kids even became successful enough to open for the Talking Heads and the B-52’s. But the band’s modest success wasn’t enough, so the entire group supported themselves by selling pens for a telemarketing firm. According to Depp, He was so terrible at it that he only made 1 sale in his entire tenure there, and even then, He managed to talk the buyer out of it.

3. Hugh Jackman – Clown at Children’s Parties
Can you imagine throwing a birthday party for your kid and having wolverine show up? Well i’m sure that’s an actual service that a children’s entertainer can provide by showing up dressed as wolverine but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Anyway, before donning the claw, Hugh Jackman worked as a Clown and entertained at children’s birthday parties. According to him, This was the toughest gig he has ever had!
“I used to be a clown at kids’ parties—hardest job I’ve ever had in my life, clowning at kids parties, the hardest $50 bucks I’ve ever made,” So yeah if you want to break Wolverine, Just have him entertain kids for 30 minutes.

4. Danny DeVito – Hair Dresser for the Morgue
In all honest, I wouldn’t want Danny DeVito anywhere near my hair. All jokes aside however, Before reaching stardom, Frank Reynolds’ job was to style women’s hair to make them look beautiful before being buried six feet underground. During an interview he was go on to describe his job. “What happens when you get old? You pass. And you want to have a nice hair do,”

After leaving high school, Devito had no desire to take up further education like college, so instead he took up a job at his sister’s beauty parlour. Devito learned to do shampoos and sets – and even attended the Wilfred Academy beauty school in New Jersey. “I walk in the door, I’ve got my kit and I’ve got my white smock on. I thought it was going to be horrible,” he said. “But I look in the door and there were like 40 girls, me and two guys I didn’t get to know very well. I thank my sister to this day.”

Considering how the interview panned out, I honestly can’t tell if he enjoyed that job or not…..I honestly hope he offered his clients an egg in their trying time.

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