20 Weirdest Jobs In The World – EWWW

20 Weirdest Jobs In The World - EWWW

20 Weirdest Jobs In The World

1. Professional bed warmer. Don’t worry if you check into a hotel and you find the bed is warm, there’s no Goldilocks hiding in the wardrobe. Some hotels have employees roll around in their beds to warm things up for their guests.

2. Breath tester. If you have a sensitive nose you might want to get in touch with Wrigley’s or Colgate, these people keep smelling other’s stinky breath until the minty freshness does its job.

3. Bike fisher. Amsterdam has an abundance of 3 things: bikes, canals and a substance illegal everywhere else, so its not surprise bikes end up in the canals. The government hire people to get them out of there.

4. Pro snuggler. Japan is a quite quirky and strange place and the cages they have there are no different. This is a snuggle cafe and they hire people to just give those in need of one a good cuddle.

5. Chicken sexer. Is it a girl or boy? Someone has the sole job of answering that question with new born chicks.

6. Pro hitchhiker. In Thailand some traffic lanes are for vehicles with 3 or more people in. Some people are for hire to ride in the cars to take them over that amount and therefore beat the traffic jams.

7. Gum Cleaner. Who hasn’t stuck some gum under a table or chair? Well now some cities have such a big problem they hire people to remove all that gum from all those places.

8. Elephant Dresser. In some parts of the world elephants are revered as creatures of the gods, so they get elaborately dressed for special occasions and this is somebody’s full time job.

9. Duck Master. There are hotels in the world that hire these guys to take care of the ducks in their pond and parade them around the grounds.

10. Car plate blocker. In Tehran, the capital, only cars with certain license plate numbers are allowed on the road on certain days so people just pay someone to stand behind their plate and cover it.

11. Paint dry watcher. Companies actually hire people to do this. It has to do with making sure the paint is durable as it dries.

12. Ostrich sitter. It’s like babysitting kids, except ostriches. So you have the bonus of no poop filled nappies.

13. Once again Japan features. With its massive population, the daily commute is chock of people so train companies hire people to literally squeeze people into carriages.

14. Pro mourners. In the UK you can hire people to attend funerals. They are actually paid to cry at funerals.

15. Iceberg mover. From the day the Titanic sank the world saw a need to get icebergs out of the shipping channels. So now somebody moves icebergs for a living.

16. Human scarecrow. Why just stuff some paper in a suit when you can hire a student to literally scare off any birds that come after your crops.

17. Fart protecting pants. Never again do you feel scared to hold in a fart with the invention of pants that absorb fart stinks. Its a persons job to sniff them once a fart has been unleashed.

18. Pro shocker. In Mexico there are actually people who walk around with batteries giving people shocks. Supposedly it sobers them up.

19. Pro Apologist. They’re hired by professional apology services to apologize on behalf of people. We’re not even joking.

20. Pro Sleeper. Is this the world’s best job? Who wants to wake up in the morning and realize they’ve just finished their shift? I know I do. A Finnish company made headlines not long ago when it advertised this position. Apparently they needed comfort levels to be checked.

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