7 Accomplished Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating

7 Accomplished Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating

7 Accomplished athletes who were caught cheating

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7. Barry Bonds
So yeah…..This guy. At one point in his career, Barry Bonds was THE Guy! Like his accomplishments in the world of Major League Baseball were pretty much endless as he raked up a record-setting seven Most Valuable Player awards, the 14-time All-Star and 8-time Gold Glove-winner holds seemingly endless Major League Baseball records, perhaps most famous being the all-time Major League Baseball record of 762 home runs. Now THAT is impressive. However, as you’d probably expect, Questions remained about Bonds’ use of steroids and he was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to a grand jury. There were no medals to be stripped, and he was not suspended per Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreement, but his legacy will forever have an asterisk attached.

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6. Pete Rose
Over the course of his long and illustrious career, Pete Rose earned himself the nickname of the “Hit King” of major league baseball. Rose began his professional career in 1963 and retired as a legend in 1986 holding a number of Major League and National League records including the record for hits with 4,256. He became the manager of the Reds in 1984-1989. He is most known for the accusation that he bet on games that he was involved in as a manager. This is strictly forbidden in baseball because as a manager you are in a position to make decisions that could affect the outcome of the game. There was an investigation into the allegations, and Pete Rose voluntarily accepted a permanent place on baseball’s ineligible list in 1989 – giving credibility to the accusations. Being on the ineligible list means that Pete Rose doesn’t qualify to be an inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Pete Rose has been trying since 1992 to be reinstated, However his efforts have been pretty much pointless. Oh well, At least he made it into the WWE Hall of Fame. That’s gotta count for something…..Right?

5. Marion Jones
Marion Jones was probably the biggest thing about the Summer Olympics back in 2000. She has been described by many as the star of the show as she flew to Sydney, Australia, won three gold medals for the United States of America in both the track and field and field events of the summer games and brought the gold back home! Jones also spent some time in the WNBA, playing for the Tulsa Shock. Out of all of her accomplishments however, It was her track career that was most noteworthy. Unfortunately, it’s now noteworthy for all of the wrong reasons. As it turns out that she was taking steroids to help herself win the competitions. As you’d probably expect, Jones was stripped of her gold medals when she made the admission after names from the BALCO case started to drop, and hers was a part of it. Jones also had to spend some time in jail as a result, spending up to six months in prison for all of her troubles. Yeah substance abuse is pretty serious when it comes to the olympic games. If you’re an athlete of the future, just don’t do it!

4. Lance Armstrong – Legendary Tour De France Cyclist – Doping Allegations
It’s a shame about what happened to Lance Armstrong. He was at one point the most inspirational athletes in the world. Hell he still is to some respect. Lance Armstrong battled cancer but now he is battling a doping scandal that could potentially (If it hasn’t already) tarnished his legacy. So it goes without saying that the Tour de France is one of the most intense races in the world with undeniable prestige in victory. A former teammate of Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis came forward aired out his own doping history and also detailed the complex regimen and usage of other cyclists. Lance Armstrong says, “As long as I live, I will deny it.” Needless to say though, Considering his previous battle with cancer to becoming one of the most well known professional cyclists in the world, You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty inspiring despite all of the doping allegations that surround his legacy. Just don’t dope kids.

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