9 Movies You Won’t Believe Are Based On REAL STORIES

9 Movies You Won't Believe Are Based On REAL STORIES

Watch our list of the real stories behind popular films also some of these movies based on true terrifying events.

1. The first movie based on true story is of the character William Wallace. This has to be probably Mel Gibson’s most famous and best role as an actor and it might be because he was a real warrior. The story of the film Braveheart may add a bit more a dramatic flair to the reality of events, but the truth is Wallace was instrumental in keeping the English invaders at bay on the Scottish borders.

Wallace is such a revered part of Scotland’s history that he has a statue in his honour in the heart of Aberdeen. Wallace defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, appointed Guardian of Scotland in 1298. In 1305, Wallace was captured and handed over to King Edward, who had him hanged, drawn, and quartered for high treason

2. The Exorcist has some serious talking points throughout, take your pick from the rotating head scene, the projectile vomit moment or maybe when young Linda Blair walks down the stairs with her back broken like a spider! But the events of the films are based on a case from the early part of the century

Clara Germana Cele had decided to make a pact with Satan when she was sixteen. A few days later and she started to shows strange signs of change, such as a severe disdain for religious artefacts and books. She could also suddenly understand dozens of languages and develop a savant like ability to read minds and peoples pasts. She would also levitate and attacked 2 priests sent to perform and exorcism on her.

3. The holocaust is arguably the biggest human extermination event that European soil has ever seen, with Adolf Hitler instrumental in seeing that Jewish people suffered for no apparent reason than his own opinions. The story of Schindler’s List is one of true origins, with Oskar Schindler being a rich member of the Nazi party at the time of the 2nd world war.

He was a Jewish sympathiser and found he could save the lives of hundred under the false pretence of bringing them to work for him. It was a real fight from one man who knew the wrong the German leader was doing to a race of people.

4. The story to the incredible film 12 years a slave may seem like a work of fiction but the entire character base is real. Solomon Northup was a free man when he was tricked and kidnapped into slavery by vicious slave mongers. The path that Northup follows is one of demeaning hope, all the while wanting to just get back to his family.

The movie not only brings to light that one person’s story, but also the atrocious acts carried out against all people of colour during that time frame before slavery and equal rights were not law.

5. Gein was a serial killer of the 50s who would collect human remains from graves as well as kill his own victims. After his arrest, his home was raided and found to contain masks of real people’s faces, clothes also made from skin and household items made from human bones.

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre appears to be a quite formulaic horror story; teens break down at old creepy house and its inhabitants are crazed killers who pick them off one by one. The scary thing is its holds truth. The character of Leatherface, who is a crazed maniac wearing a mask made of skin wielding a chainsaw, is based on serial killer Ed Gein.

7. The main antagonist of The Silence of the Lambs movie is, without doubt, Hannibal Lecter and its Anthony Hopkins who plays the serial killing professor to a level of perfection. The brilliant Dr Lecter is called upon to help find another serial killer, Buffalo Bill, because his calling cards are similar to his. The actions of Buffalo Bill are actually linked to that of real life killer Ted Bundy.

Bundy was found guilty over 30 homicides of young girls and women over a 4 year period. He would lure his victims back to an abode using charm and his handsome looks before torturing them before killing them for his own sadistic needs. He also seemed to revel in the attention afforded to him by the media and led the papers and police on a bit of a wild goose chase when he discovered he could.

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