AMAZING Pranks that will make you feel GUILTY! 100%

AMAZING Pranks that will make you feel GUILTY! 100%

Watch: 24 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Away…

1. Steve Wozniak put a fake bomb in his high school locker; in the cell he taught the inmates how to hook the fan wires to the bars to create shocks

2. This fact is a disturbing fact, In a 2010 heatwave, Siberian bears started digging up bodies in cemeteries for food it must have been so horrifying for the family members whose loved ones were buried

3. In 19th century Britain, if you had a failed suicide attempt you could be charged with attempted murder and sentenced to death

4. King John of England has ancestry to every American president except for Martin van Buren

5. NASA hire someone to smell everything going into space. If he doesn’t like the smell, it doesn’t go

6. The record for most plane passengers is 1088; it started with 1086 but two gave birth in the air

7. A motorbike that washed up on shore in Canada after the Japan tsunami was returned to its owner

8. Success kid has made enough money to fund his father’s kidney transplant surgery

9. Interesting fact you won’t believe but it’s true. The border fence between USA and Mexico was built by illegal immigrants…to keep out illegal immigrants

10. Shocking Facts About your precious stones, diamonds are very common stone, DeBeers group withholds many to create a false economy of rarity.

11. It’s not the electricity of a shock that hurtles you across the room, its your own muscle capacity

12.This fact sounds fake but is Actually True, Nigerian scammers sold a fake airport to an investment group that went undiscovered for 3 years. It was sold for $242m

13. A Chinese man sold cans of fresh air for 80 cents due to Chinese pollution levels. He made $6 million from it

14. Video gamers are quicker learners than others and can perceive incidents better too

15. Carrying plastic bags in Rwanda is illegal and comes with a $150 fine.

16. Squirrels forgetting where their nuts are results in dozens of new trees planted annually

17. True facts about blind people they smile even though they’ve never seen a smile

18. After 9/11 a Masai tribe offered the USA 14 blessed cows

19. There are more libraries than McDonalds

20. Mr Stubbs is mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska…he is a cat

21. Cuddling pets releases the happy hormones in both humans and animals

22. Freddie Mercury dressed up Princess Diana in disguise and took her out clubbing

23. Dolphins call each other by name

24. Volvo invented the seatbelt and released the patent for free so all cars could have them to save lives


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