Amazing Zoomed Photos Of Everyday Stuff

Amazing Zoomed Photos Of Everyday Stuff

The amazing world seen through a microscope

How amazing do these photos look, if we showed you these pictures and asked you to guess what these images are would you be able to guess what they were? well i tell i think you wouldn’t be able to but look at them they so interesting

World’s most amazing photos shown under the worlds most power full microscope

This is the list of things that you can expect

1. Blood Clot

2. Fingerprint

3. A Banana

4. Tongues Surface

5. Salt

6. Hairline Crack in Steel

7. Small Intestine Wall

8. Vodka

9. Brocoli

10. Snow

11. DNA

12. Potato

13. Toilet Paper

14. Cat Hair

15. Velcro

16. Rust

17. Butterfly Wing

18. Pollen

19. Chalk

20. Needle and Thread

21. Guitar String

22. Dust

23. Used Floss

24. Human Eyelash

25. Chocolate

26. Toothbrush Strand

27. Fly Foot

28. Vinyl Record

29. Salt & Pepper

30. Spider Skin

31. A flea

32. Cake Sprinkles

33. Coffee Granules

34. Orange Juice

35. Sweat Spore Check out other channels in our network –


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