BIGGEST versions of your favourite food – Can you eat that BURGERRR

BIGGEST versions of your favourite food - Can you eat that BURGERRR

1. The Kit Kat is a staple favourite of lunch boxes around the world. It comes in a neat 2 finger size or a 4 finger size if you’re feeling a little more on the hungry side and it just feels so good to snap one in half before you eat. Now look at the size of this guy! I’m not sure about 4 fingers, but this is around 40 hands big! It has a massive river of caramel running through around 150 wafers.
2. Everybody loves ice cream. Eat it in the summer while at the beach, in all those amazing flavours and varieties. Or you could choose to have it at desert if the season isn’t right to plop in a cone and take a walk. Either way, its a favourite of almost every man, woman and child on the planet.
3. Gummy bears, and we mean the jelly sweet, not the small and cute Disney cartoon characters, have had a place in every children’s Halloween candy tub for decades. They’re also found in almost all mix of sweets on sale today.
4. Hash browns have the ability to life most meals, kind of like bacon and cheese, in that if you include them in your food you’re experience is only going to get better. Shredded pieces of potato, fried to a lovely golden outside that form a great and crispy shell.
5. The humble hamburger, the beauty of such a food is that you can put anything inside it to make it your own. Beef is the meat of choice, but can easily be switched out for chicken or lamb, but the staple remains the same: you put something in between a bun and enjoy the heck outta it.
6. Mother’s is known for pink and white iced “Circus Animal Cookies”. They are so delicious and loved that the company sold for $100m in 1998 and they continue to please millions to this day. These cookies are all the same flavour and equally delicious
7. The Ding Dong was first introduced in 1934. Hostess began marketing its Ding Dong in 1967. The name was given to coincide with a television ad campaign featuring a ringing bell, hence the name.
8. Ah the meatball, that heavenly little circle of meat that is perfectly seasoned. Most Italian mothers today will have their own secret family recipe and a sauce to go with it
9. Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling in between, known as milk’s favourite cookie.
10. Peanut Butter & Jelly, PB & J, is there a more classic and worldwide accepted sandwich combination? Has American TV shows made this sandwich more famous than any other kind of food?
11. Pop Tarts, mainly known for their ability to burn the lips of nearly everyone who has eaten one, containing molten hot jam fillings and not giving you fair warning as the crust on the outside stays only luke warm, they’re a feat of food wonder.
12. No chocolate radiates elegance and richness like the Ferroro Rocher; small hazelnuts, covered in chocolate ganache, coated in chocolate and toasted nuts and wrapped in sparkling gold paper.
13. Rolo is a little cup of caramel that can eaten one by one, chew them or let them melt in your mouth, its up to you, and was famous for its line “who would you give your last rolo to?
14. There is a traditional day in the UK, on Shrove Tuesday, where the entire nation eat pancakes for their dinner, this is most days for America.
15. Did you know Snickers is the most enjoy chocolate bar in the entire world?
16. The S’more can be confusing to those not familiar with what it is, the name coming from the exact words of Some more, because of the fact you want some more after every one you have.
17. Mars bars are probably one of the most recognisable chocolate bars in the world. Its distinctive balck wrapping paper and simple but plain fillings are what makes it so popular.


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