Cartoons Predicted Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash 😱

Cartoons Predicted Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash 😱

2016 Cartoon Predicting Kobe’s Helicopter Crash Pulled By Comedy Central

A short-lived cartoon series on Comedy Central called Legends of Chamberlain Heights actually predicted legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash in 2016, but the network has removed the videos because they are now in terrible taste. The episode was titled “End of Days” and originally aired on November 16, 2016. The show is about three “lowly benchwarmers on the Michael Clarke Duncan High basketball team” and the description for the episode is “A leakkked $$ex tapt causes a global internet blackout, and the Legends must find a way to survive the apocalypse.”

Comedy Central removed the episode from their site and the link to it no longer works. The video was also deleted from their Facebook page. Meanwhile, the makers of the show released a statement on Twitter saying, “Out of respect for Kobe and his family we have removed the clip of him and ask that you please don’t share it. RIP Kobe and Gigi Bryant and everyone else who died in the helicopter crash today.”

We will not be sharing the clip.

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