Drunk Celebrities Caught On Camera DAMN

Drunk Celebrities Caught On Camera   DAMN

We have a list of drunk celebrities caught on camera and some celebrities getting angry with the paparazzi

1. Avril Lavigne stormed the charts at such a young age and by her 16th birthday she was signed to a $2m dollar contract. Just a year later and she is a world wide known singer. Her incredible young looks have stayed with her for years and she seems to be the baby faced rocker from when she first burst onto the scene.
Until you see her with a huge piece of pizza stuffed in her mouth after a night out partying. Some celebrities wanna get drunk with their friends and party too but they so unlucky that they can’t put there hair down because the paparazzi are always hiding around the corner watching the celebs with their hoak eyes waiting for the celebrities to put their guard down

2. Britney Spears hit the big time dressed as a schoolgirl and dancing around her classroom and gymnasium, and that was just video to her song hit me baby one more time. Her first album is still the biggest selling for a teenager ever released and she has a net worth of around $80m.

In 2007 she had a breakdown after her aunt’s death and was often found drunk and sometimes behind the wheel; she also shaved her head with electric clippers and admitted herself to other treatment facilities during the following weeks. You can still find her angry reactions caught on camera around the net.

3. Kevin Spacey is one of the most respected and well-liked actors in the business. He won two Academy Awards for his roles in The Usual Suspects as well as in American Beauty. He’s won numerous Emmy and Golden Globe Awards, such as his most recent role in the Netflix smash House of Cards. worse for wear, rather than falling all over himself like some other celebs who can’t handle their booze.
Here is anything but the smooth talking President Frank Underwood. This celebrity’s right moment pics were captured With a glass of champagne in front of him and a cigarette it looks like it’s time for him to call a cab or maybe he is ordering some pizza for when he gets home.

4. Christina Aguilera has a similar career path as Britney Spears and they both released music around the same time, often being entered into a dictionary feud thought up by the media. She disappeared out the limelight for a while in the late 90’s because of various reasons
One being her continuation to get drunk at parties and cause a fuss and also rile up co-stars on movie sets. This image was at the end of one such party, maybe she had been drinking genie in a bottle?

5. more celebrities getting angry with the paparazzi is Christina Ricci as Wednesday from the Addams Family, at the time of which she was just 11 years old. As she grew in front of the screens it was hard to imagine her as an adult
But then after being nominated for an Emmy she had a really good knees up and ended up being carried out the party by her friends. I don’t think this is how Addams Family members celebrate. Hanging out with Lindsay Lohan doesn’t help

6. The Hoff is famous for Baywatch, having a cool nickname and immense chest hair. He bossed our screens during his time in the 90s on Baywatch and hasn’t looked back since then, including roles as Knight Rider and having a guinness world record for most watched man on tv
But he is also famous for eating a cheeseburger off the floor after a night out partying with his buddy. It wouldn’t be the last time booze was bad for him, when he got rushed to hospital in 2009 with alcohol poisoning and again in 2010. He has since put those demons behind him and is moving forward.

7. Kiefer Sutherland has been around forever, having come onto our screens as a tender teenager and staying there all the way up to be supreme badass Jack Bauer from 24, saving the world one day at a time. It’s no secret that Kiefer has some issues with the booze
Having been arrested multiple times while under the influence with DUIs, assault and aggression all notched on his belt, even spending almost 50 days in the slammer for his crimes.

8. Lindsay Lohan is probably one of the most famous messes around Hollywood, with a seeming inability to get locked up despite her crimes. She is also another one of the stories were child actors seem to snap as their careers progress.
She had been to rehab 3 times by 2007 and it lost her a few movie deals too. And it didn’t end there, with 3 more visits on her record by 2013 came to an end. She is often snapped in a state of toxicity and hasn’t had much luck on the career front for some time now.

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