If Companies Had Honest Slogans – TOO REAL

If Companies Had Honest Slogans  - TOO REAL

If Companies had honest slogans

1. honest brad slogan would be in this case Pepsi­ When there is no coke

2. Barnes & Noble­ stay inside and its a library

3. K Mart­ we still exist

4. Walmart­ its for the middle class

5. Xbox live­ find out who your mothers been sleeping with

6. Honest brand slogan for Apple­ $2000 facebook machines

7. Nature valley granola bars­ crumbs everywhere

8. Toyota moving forward, unintentionally

9. Keystone light­ stay sober during beer pong

10. Waffle house­ its 2am and you’re drunk

11. Ben & jerrys­ eat away your feelings

12. Nike­ just buy it

13. AOL­ need a cd frisbee?

14. HotPockets­ Where every bite is a different temperature

15. Kool aid­ sugar water

16. godaddy.com­ where’d everybody go?

17. Honest company slogans MTV­ just television now

18. Google­ just try using another search engine

19. Paypal­ because you have to

20. Youtube­ don’t read the comments

21. Adobe acrobat­ would you like an update?

22. Campbells­ mmmm mmmm salt

23. Lego­ the bane of your foots existance

24. Fedex­ its probably broken

25. Nyquil­ slip into a nice coma for a couple of hours

26. Grey poupon­ the reason limo’s have tinted windows

27. Beauty & the beast­ stockholm syndrome

28. hidden valley original ranch­ makes vegetables bad for you

29. please don’t juggle

30. Instagram­ make bad photos with filters

31. Capri sun­ careful not to poke a hole in the back

32. Bugles­ edible finger swords

33. Pizza hut­ we have a salad bar for some reason

34. Crest white teeth so white they can’t dance

35. Google+­ google wave 2.0

36. Men’s health every issue promises perfect abs

37. Cosmopolitan sex quizzes, sex tips, sex facts

38. Saccharin always worth the pain

39. LinkedIn connect with people for no reason at all

40. Yellow pages here, you throw this away


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