Things We All Do That Are Not Good For Us

Things We All Do That Are Not Good For Us

Here is a list of Things We All Do That Are Not Good For Us, read through it there are some crazy facts,

1. Sleeping in a bra is terrible for a woman’s health. Those who do have lower salivary melatonin, because of increase pressure on the skin. It messes up their sleep, makes them sick and interferes with the menstrual cycle.

2. We all know chocolate is delicious, even if you eat a huge chocolate cake o yourself it still tastes good. Just ask Bruce

But most cocoa bean shells absorb lead from the air. Children are quite vulnerable to lead poisoning from chocolate, and this kind of thing can affect children’s learning capacity.

3. The indoors might be great but it has its downfalls too

For example, it drops your sex drive right down and this can cause marital problems. Spending time in the sun gives u a vitamin D boost, which raises the hormonal level of humans.

So get outside and do something to beat the droop!

4. You will have heard of runners nipples before, the excruciating curse of men who love running. Its cause isn’t actually just friction.

Plasters can help, but it’s actually the salt of the sweat combining with the fabric of the clothes that causes them to effectively become sandpaper and rub the nipple til they bleed.

5. Your office could have seriously dirty air floating around it, up to 100 times worse than the air outside as a matter of fact. Its called Sick Building Syndrome, and is the result of terrible building planning. Most buildings are designed to recirculate air.

So make sure you get outside during the day to breath in something better than mold or carbon monoxide

Unless you live in China, then it’s probably best to emigrate!

6. If you wear a tie to work you’re in for some bad news. When you have to wear one, it increases the pressure on the eyes

The pressure on the eyes is caused by men adjusting their ties and it increases intraocular pressure- the primary cause of glaucoma.

7. are skinny jeans bad for your health? yes they are. Skinny jeans can be found on most fashion conscious individuals nowadays but they have zero health benefits. In fact, they downright suck. This type of jean can cause nerve damage that runs deep.

it can bring on effects such as numbness, stinging pains, oversensitivity to heat, and, in rare cases, atrophied leg tissue. Wish means your pants and going to bruise you

8. If you brush your teeth immediately after eating it can cause damage to tooth enamel. When you eat, enamel becomes softer, so you are effectively brushing it away.

If you keep brushing it away your teeth are going to rot to the point of no return. this is crazy all those nasty things we all do that put our health at risk and doing something that we think is good can be bad. it’s mind boggling

9. Being bored is something we’ve all faced in our lives, despite the array of things for us to do we probably didn’t even realise. But now, you have a reason to get out the bored rut.

London research found that dull and unchallenging jobs had a higher risk of heart attack.

Boredom drops your heart rate to a slow and steady pace. When the rate is accustomed to this, its not ready for any change, and can’t adapt. Causing possible heart attacks.

10. When you go for a pee in public restrooms, it’s always a solid idea to wash your hands afterwards, getting rid of any germs that may now be on them.

The only problem is that 25% of these soap dispenser are actually already contaminated with bacteria and is just as counter effective as not washing at all.

11. Artificial sweeteners are great for when you don’t want to get a lot of sugar in your body

But it’s been shown by rodent studies that if you use saccharin, the main ingredient in sweeteners

Actually gained more weight than those who were fed sucrose, which is sugar molecules. So maybe just cutting it out completely is the better alternative.

12. Your desk as work is literally crawling with tons of germs.

They’re all over it. In fact, its so disgusting, you would be better eating some lunch that falls our your mouth and onto the desk from off the toilet. Each square inch of a desk has 21,000, it goes to 25,000 for your phone. The toilet averages 49. Wow

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