Why the Sketch ‘Controversy’ Shouldn’t Matter

Why the Sketch 'Controversy' Shouldn't Matter

Influencer and streamer Sketch, whose real name is Kylie Cox, is facing controversy after old photos and videos from OnlyFans surfaced, revealing X-rated content aimed at a gay audience. Rising to fame in April 2024 through his quirky streaming persona, Sketch quickly became a beloved figure in the sports world. The leaked content, shared by the YouTube account Pocketbook, has sparked a heated debate about homophobia in the sports community. Addressing the issue in a July 9th stream, Sketch apologized and explained that the content was created during a battle with addiction. Despite facing backlash from some fans, many influencers and sports stars, including Jet York Jets player Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, have voiced their support for Sketch, emphasizing that true fans will continue to stand by him.

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